2 Page Paper Economics on Ford Motor

The first step to this project is that you will assume the role of a manager with Ford Motor Company.

  • You will start by analyzing your company from the perspective of a manger and identify decisions you would be faced with on a daily basis that pertain to managerial economics.
  • In addition, you will identify the products sold and/or services provided by your firm and explain how price and output are determined based upon supply and demand.
  • You will analyze factors that would cause shifts in the supply and/or demand curves and explain how the equilibrium price and quantity will differ and why.
  • Finally, you will discuss how elasticity of demand for your firm’s goods and/or services are affected by the elasticity of demand of said goods and/or services.

This assignment must be at least 2 pages in length, and must follow APA formatting guidelines. A minimum of 2 sources are required.

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