1 What Is The Purpose Of The Above Relation 2 What Is Intended To Be The Primary

1. What is the purpose of the above relation? 2. What is intended to be the primary key? 3. How many repeating groups do we have? 4. What attributes are part of the repeating group? 5. What is the meaningful identifier of each repeating group? 6. What becomes the primary key? Fourth Normal Form What Does It Look Like?? What is the big difference? Unique So what is the primary key for this relation?? Ms. Carson has just had her second child, a son named Peter, we need to add him to the employee database. What has happened and why? How do we fix this? Decompostion is the process of taking attributes and breaking them down into groupings to form 3NF relations Incomplete Decomposition means that you have not taken the relations down to 3NF What has happened?? What has happened?? A new department called Global Business is formed. How do you add it? How do you change the location?? What are these problems called?? How do you fix them?? Now you can add a new department

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