1 Prepare A Worksheet For Morin Co 2 Using The Worksheet In Module 4 Assignment

1. Prepare a worksheet for Morin Co. 

2. Using the worksheet in Module 4 assignment for Sanchez Computer Center, journalize and post the adjusting entries and prepare the financial statements.

3. The Corner Dress Shop: Reviewing the Accounting Cycle for a Merchandise Company

  • This practice set will help you review all the key concepts of a merchandise company, along with the integration of payroll, including the preparation of Form 941.

  • Because you are the bookkeeper of the Corner Dress Shop, we have gathered the following information for you. It will be your task to complete the accounting cycle for March.

4. From the ledger balances and additional data given, do the tasks for Cross Lumber for the year ended December 31, 201X as specified in your textbook on page 488.

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