1 In A Comparative Negligence State If A Plaintiff Is Found To Be 30 Percent Neg

1) In a comparative negligence state, if a plaintiff is found to be 30 percent negligent, the award against the defendant will be reduced by 70 percent.



2) The basis for applying strict liability is an intentional wrongful act



3) Katy and Jake’s child suffers from lead poisoning after inhaling old dust from chips of lead paint in their apartment. Katy and Jake may

a. Sue all lead paint manufacturers who manufactured paint from the date the house was built until lead paint was discontinued under the doctrine of market share liability

b. Sue only the lead paint company that they can prove manufactured the paint which injured their child

c. Sue the lead paint manufacturers with the deepest pockets under the doctrine of market share liability

d. Sue any lead paint manufacturer that they can show contributed to the lead paint under the doctrine of contributory negligence

4) Betty backs out of her parking space and collides with Mickey’s car. Mickey may recover $7,500 to cover the cost of repairs if Betty failed to act as

a. A faultless person

b. A blameless person

c. A reliable person

d. A reasonable person

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