The portfolio should contain (in this order) a cover page, one personal artifact, one self- reflective essay engaging the artifact, one educational artifact, one self-reflective essay engaging the artifact, and finally a self-reflective essay which explains your journey through this class as a whole. Over the course of the three self-examinations each should address at least one of the six learning outcomes set at the beginning of the semester (Rhetorical Knowledge and Purposeful Writing; Revision and Writing Process; Argument and Analysis; Critical Reading; Research; Technology and Multimodality).

The personal artifact could be (but is not limited to) a resume, a cover letter, or a personal/professional letter. The educational artifact must originate from another class and could be (but is not limited to) an essay, or a lab report. You may highlight or accentuate the document if you’d like in order to make identifying references in your letter easier. Your self-reflective essays should answer the following questions:

• Did you demonstrate EPL effectively? If no, how would you change this artifact to demonstrate it more effectively?

• Which of our six learning outcomes were used in producing this artifact? • How can you use these skills moving forward? (In regard to jobs, education,

personal life.)

Your final self-reflective essay should focus solely on our class ENGL 1020. You should answer the following questions:

• How has your learning progressed? • What did you learn that you did not know before? Or was this more of a

refresher for what you learned in high school? • If it was more of a refresher, was anything presented in a new way or from a

different angle? • Do you think this knowledge will help you in the future? • Did you learn anything about your own learning preferences? (i.e., working

alone versus groups, class discussions, physical activities, etc.) • As freshmen, do you believe that this class has adequately prepared you for

college writing? • Were you able to demonstrate any of the six learning outcomes in class or in

the assignments?


• Your audience is me, Ann-Christine. These self-reflective essays should be personal letters to me about your growth in academia. These letters are NOT an opportunity to kiss up to me or to berate me. These letters are graded on how well you can analyze yourself on your ability to absorb and apply knowledge, and to think about your work ethic.

• Format: